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lets go ravens!!!


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No, I wouldn't. I wouldn't risk an injury and potential playoffs loss to go 16-0 during the regular season.

I also wouldn't completely bench all starters for all quarters, either. But if the Pats win the next two, do you think that Brady and other starters will be on the field during the 4th quarter of games 15 and 16?

If they are, I'd say Bellychick has lost his priorities.


I doubt it. Look what happened to the colts in 2005. They were stagnant going into the play-offs because they'd rested most of their starters (and vanderjagt is a nimrod but we won't go there). I predict Belichick's going to play through, and keep the pats momentum up going into the playoffs.

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Rex Ryan wasn't allowed to call a timeout... only the head coach or players on the team are...


Sports Illustrated article here.


New England ball, fourth-and-1, Baltimore 30, 1:48 left, Baltimore up 24-20. At the last second before the snap, Baltimore defensive coordinator
Rex Ryan
calls timeout. The play went on, with Baltimore stuffing
Tom Brady
for a loss and, theoretically, that should have been New England's last gasp. One problem. Only the head coach is supposed to be able to call time on the sidelines.

But in this case, the league has interpreted the rule on a last-millisecond timeout call that the side official cannot be responsible for seeing whether it's the head coach or another coach who calls time. So it's technically legal for Ryan to have called the timeout, and the league's point is the head coach is responsible for controlling his bench. In this case, Brian Billick has to be responsible for his sideline, and when Ryan calls time, the burden is on Billick to accept the call because it happened on the Baltimore sideline.


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