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Hey Chicago peeps...


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My biggest hurdle is planning, people vs tasks.


And mondays thru thursdays are out, due to therapy. Sundays are pretty much out for almost anyone to help. Leaving friday evenings for me to stage and procure, and saturdays for effort. (This would have so not been the case if it weren't for the head-on!)


This weekend I have to get the hallway painted and 2 carpets ripped up, because by the end of the week, the new carpets could be in, (great room and hallway), which means they would be getting installed in 7 to 10 days. Or, right over next weekend when several of you are available.


I also need to get a carpet cleaner in for the 3 bedrooms, before I can move into them.


So I can't move into the bedrooms or living room until carpets are 100% done.


Shop and basement stuff can be moved regardess, and that's at least a third of what I have. I'll need a truck for some of it though. Big 'n' heavy, easiest by truck. Kitchen only needs to be cleaned before I move in, but it does need that cleaning. And all the artwork can be moved to the new living room whenever.




Anyone in the area have good luck with a reputable carpet cleaner?

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