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gig report - Red Clay demo recording...


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Just wanted to give a little report on my new band's recording session last night...


Band = jazz quartet, drum set/keys/electric fretless bass/sax/1 vocal


Venue = medium size church sanctuary (100'w x 80'l x 40' high), fully carpeted, pews upolstered on seats only


Recording = mac w/ protools, small mixer with some signal processing (sorry I wasn't paying much attention to the board)


Amps - keys and bass small amps (small roland for the keys - used my presonus tube pre into Crate powerblock head into 112 sealed cab for bass rig). Drums and sax none


Mics = keys direct, vocal direct, bass cab miced, drums 2 overheads, sax wireless direct. We had a monitor for the vocal and a single 12 wedge which was pointed out to the room with stereo ambient mics about 10-12 in front of the band and about chest high.


So that's the setup....starting from scratch it took us about 1.5 hours to load in and get set up.


Sound check took about 1/2 hour


Recording time for 4 songs multiple takes = about 2 hours


Tear down load out = about an hour


About all I want to say right now is that the audio quality without any mixing was superb. The engineer nailed it. I think the room was just about perfect acoustically for this group.


I don't know how much processing capability he'll have with the live format....as far as editing. I think it will be basically find the best 60-90 secs and fade it in and out.


As far as signal processing and mix quality I think the protools will give him a lot to work with.....


main thing is the basic tracks are so well recorded that the finished mix should be outstanding.


Can't wait - hopefully have something to post next week....c-d

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