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Bass Amp you wish you had.


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A Genz Benz 200 Watt all-tube bass head with mid-sweep and able to fit in a 3 space GB easy sleeve derivative (custom tolex covered, heat vent in top of rack) that mates perfectly to a brand new matching tolex covered GB Neox-212T.


Other than that, a 3 1/2 lb. hybrid Mesa Boogie bass head putting out the Mesa tone and about 300 watts.

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I've had the same SWR 2x10" combo since the mid-1990's and I really haven't felt the need for anything new since then. I do sometimes think about adding an SWR Triad or Bag End S15B-D just to fill out the bottom end a bit...but I've never been motivated enough to follow through.


Having said that, I do quite like the sound of older Eden heads and 210 XLT cabs. I think I actually prefer the "Eden sound" to the "SWR sound." And I've heard great things about Aguilar heads and cabs. I've also been tempted to pick up one of those Phil Jones Bass Briefcase 2x5" micro combos.



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