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I got some closure from my old Hish School football days.


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We had a QB coach that was a technique freak. He had us always drop back with the back of the ball on our ear, and wanted us to push off to throw it. Not pull it up to our chest, and wind back to throw.


He took the back muscles, and rotation out of the throw. Just a quick push off. It was very awkward. Our team ran the ball 85% of the time anyway.


It could be 3rd and 12 and we would run it.


Anyway tonight I was at Lowe's Hardware, and one of the stockers was our wide receiver.


He was good but due to the limited play book he did more blocking than route running. He look at me and said "You had a good arm and would have been a good QB, you should have come out your Junior and Senior year and just done your thing."


You know for years I always felt like I missed out, cause our coach cared more about his funky techniques being done right, then he did about the play being a success. For that guy to say that, meant a lot.


That coach also had some serious temperament issues.


I never forget while the starting QB's were doing the handoff's and option drills. The wide receiver coaches always wanted me and another guy to do passes to the receivers for drills.


Two lines of receivers and tight ends, and we would throw to them as they did routes. Got to the point when I knew exactly when to throw to what receiver based on his abilities in catching and speed, and how they cut down field.


I wish I could go back and not quit like I did. I did go out for late spring exercises my junior year, and it was the same thing all over again. Same weird unorthodox techniques.


Oh, well I feel better that 12 years later one of the starting receivers remembered me, and gave me some credit.

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