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Who here can play a walking bass line?!


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Just doing a bit of research...thought i'd pool my fam here at hcbf.


I'm trying to see the general population's competence on walking bass. It's for a book i'm gonna write...





record a bass line and post it back up!!




the blues, baby!!


here's mine



Key: Bb


Changes in 12 bars



|Bb7  |Eb7  |Bb7   |Bb7   |

|Eb7 |Eb7 |Bb7 |Bb7 |

|Cm7 |F7 |Bb7 G7|Cm7 F7|


Thanks for helping out!


nayland's http://www.vaughn-s.net/basswalk.mp3


Paullywally's http://www.lightningmp3.com/live/file.php?fid=10507


billystrat's http://www.lightningmp3.com/live/file.php?fid=10509


Westsailor's http://www.lightningmp3.com/live/file.php?fid=10516



82daion's http://www.lightningmp3.com/live/file.php?fid=10529


collinwho's http://www.collinwho.com/music/walking.mp3

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Man I would love to, My DAW Is ready and waiting but I have a bad case of gout in my left middle finger and can barley get my pill bottles open let alone try to do any fretting on a bass.

it is so bad we had to cancel this weeks gigs and probably next week also:mad:

I am even having trouble typing this.


Arthritis sucks!:freak:

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At work, but I can spit a simple one out right now: F blues



F A Bb B | C Db D Gb | F A Bb B | C Db D Gb |

IV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I

Bb A Ab G | Gb G Ab G | F A Bb B | C Db D Gb |

ii7 . . . . . V7 . . . . I . . . . . . .V7

G A Bb B | C B A G | F A Bb B | C Db D E |

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A walking bass line is possibly the easiest bass part to accomplish, every bassist should be able to do it.



sets bass on ground, starts walking on bass


I really don't understand people who have a problem with it, unless maybe they are legless or something. :confused:

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I need to learn for jazz band. Right now I either learn the song exactly as it's written, which sucks because I suck at reading music and it take forever. Or I {censored} around during a song, play random notes and hope it sounds OK. At least with a proper bass line I could contribute more to the class.

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