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1300 posts - Show me the redheads and squeezy cheese!


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I'm SO going to regret that aren't I? :rolleyes:




My 1,000 was a low key affair, I wanted to save the big splash for 1300, as 13 is my philosophy in life. Kind of like George on Seinfeld doing the opposite of what comes naturally... I live my life that way and I seem to get through anything.


I have a lot of tattoo's, so one of my tattoos "series" has been to get the number or word Thirteen tattooed, never in the same language twice. Thirteen tattoos of the number 13 in thirteen languages. :thu:


I only have a pic of one handy right now, and only have 5 tattooed in so far, more coming in the next few months. So here is this for you...




Now show me the redheads and squeezy cheese! Just not some squeezy cheese on a redhead. :freak: Yes Fitzwell, I'm talking to you. :mad:








Oh, and that is the inside of my left calf.

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