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Seismic Audio - even half decent?

james on bass

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I mentioned in another thread a friend of mine that picked up a GK1000RB.


Well, he's an Ebay junkie and keeps a PO box just over the border in the US so he can save on shipping and duty costs. He knows little about bass, but saw the price and bought a Seismic Audio 4x10 cab and a couple of wedge monitors.


Asked me what I thought about his purchases. All I knew about the Seismic name was the crap I thought I heard mentioned about it here. I checked out their ebay site and the product sure is inexpensive. I'm going to check it out when he gets it in the new year, but I'm certainly not expecting much.


On the other hand, if it is half decent, my band has a blown PA cabinet that needs replacing, and I've got a blown wedge monitor I'd like to replace.


Anyone tried it? How crap is it?

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