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Best Night Evar!


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We rocked the house BIG TIME Friday night. The dancers took the place over, overflowed into the restaurant. In fact, at one point I was worrying the floor might collapse... the venue stands on pilings over the water and the whole place started swaying... 'throbbing' to the music & dancers.


I was singing/playing 'You Can Leave Your Hat On' and a woman came up at the start, stood in front of me and at the line 'baby, take off your dress... yes, yes, yes' started taking her top off, flashing me. She then stood behind me, saying 'gimme some bottom baby' in my ear and basically fondled my ass thru the whole song. :love: Not sure how I didn't completely lose it but the show must go on...


And people have to ask 'Why play bass?' ?

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