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Last fill-in gig for awhile...


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... I've been filling in on bass for some friend's band since August, while they looked for a new bassist... At 1st, it was alot of work - as I had to learn 15 songs in 2 days for a gig, then over 40 songs in 10 days for another... since accomplishing that, it hasn't been bad... They typically gig 3-4 times per month, and between them and my band, it's kept me pretty busy... Looks like they've found their guy, and after tonite's gig he'll be taking over... On the one hand, I'll miss playing every week(sometimes twice), but on the other hand, it'll free me up to focus more on my own project - which we've got 45 to 50 songs that we plan to add 15 more to, then start writing some of our own stuff... We also want to cut a demo, and finish our promo pack - we've been able to book on rep alone, but in order to step up to the next level, those things have to get done...


Anyways, here's a link to "Hard To Handle" on myspace - whom I'll be finishing up with tonight...







- georgestrings

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