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Help me pick an amp...


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Hi guys.


I'm looking for a new bass amp, and need your advice. I lead worship at our youth services at church, and since i took over, we have been running the bass through the system...which sounds awful. So, I need a good bass combo that's on the cheaper end of the scale. 15" sub, at least 100 watts, and deep, nice sound. I really like the sound of some of Fender's stuff, Peavey TNT, etc. Just want plenty of bass. I used to have an Ashdown, and it was okay, but didn't have the low end that I was looking for. So, here's a couple of models that I'm looking at. Tell me what you think.










Need to keep it in the $300 ball park...

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Why does the bass sound awful going through the PA? How are you running this setup?

Unless you've got a tiny system that can't handle bass frequencies, I would suspect that you've got other problems.




its a thing about worship bands playing live...pa systems seem to get clogged up with us playing against keyboards and synths..and the congregation really needs to hear clarity and space around the worship leaders vocals some of which arent words to the song....

my condolences on that as i have been dropped out of many pa's by worship leaders and keyboard leaders

i live with it and would suggest a 15" 300W combo..ashdown etc

i use a 12" swr 100w which is enough ..just..but use the sansamp bddi to warm up the sound..

if i was to change it would be to head and cab...imho that is more versatile..

and in effect is more practical to keep the head close by..


i would check out the bddi and a compressor...worship CD's are based on well compressed warmth...and that is what i found congregations can sing to...they may have the CD at home and probably dont take to an in your face middle tone cutting through...although i do it occassionally..with some boogie sounds..


best of luck

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