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End-Of-The-Year Gear Wrapup


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* Avatar Neo 410. 60 lbs, and sounds great.

* Dipinto Mach IV bass, candy apple red. I wrote a review on Harmony-Central.
Absolutely cool bass, the star inlays are somewhat over the top. Very comfortable, nice action, easy to play. Not the best SOUNDING bass I've ever owned, but when I'm playing with my rock band trio on a loud bar gig, it's really more up to the sound guy anyway.

* Jazz Bass clone - sunburst BuildaBass body, Allparts maple neck with pearloid blocks, MIM tuners, 1/4 Pounder pickups, Fender flats.

Gear I got rid of this year:
* Musicman HD 150 - sold it to a buddy
* '96 G&L L2000 blonde, maple neck
* '81 G&L L1000 trans blue, ebony neck. The G&L's I paired down, decided to keep my sweet '84 L2000 trans red maple neck, original tags and case. It's a keeper.

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Carlsbro Top 50 and a Fender 4x12 Cabinet. And a bunch of tokai effect pedals and a few analogue synthesizers.


For 2008 I plan on getting a fretless neck for a MM body I have and then maybe a few more synthesizers and a new flute

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