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What movie should I rent tonight?

Captain Fathead

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My two favorite -non Monty Python movies by Monty Python members ---

A Fish Called Wanda

The Fisher King.

Hmmmm... Both have something to do with "Fish".... Coincidence? You be the judge...



I'll add Jabberwocky to that. No fish though. But there was a guy named Fishfinger.


For a non-comedy, "Thief" with James Cahn and a Tangerene Dream soundtrack.


For an odd semi-comedy semi-action, "The Stunt Man" with Peter O'Toole, Steve Railsback, and Barbara Hershey

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just watched ti the other night and it Fukingn rules!


jason statham (transporter, war) has been poisened by the mob, and must keep his adrenalin pumping in order to live long enough for vengence or a cure.


the exposition is doen with in about 4 minutes adn the rest is nonstop running, crashing, shooting, banging, kicking, punching, dancing, etc.


it's spastic, funny, and seriously unlike any other movie out there right now in terms of style.

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