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So i traded my Cirrus for a.....WARWACK!!!


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And its a nice one to. I have never really given Warwick any thought before but when the owner of this base contacted me and asked if we should trade basses i just could say no to this beauty.

I havent gotten it yet. Its due to come next week but i cant wait. I want it now!!! Im under serius G.A.S!!


Here is a pic of the Cirrus i traded....



...in favour of this beauty. (Some pics of from the warwicks website)




And this is a real pic of the bass! (Which now is mine) :love:



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You fail at image posting!

EDIT: Ok, that's better.

Wow, I like it! Though it looks like they threw the pick-ups down on the bass and where-ever they landed, that's where they installed them.

I'm just saying...:poke:

Nice find!


Yeah i found that pretty goofy looking at first but i am getting used to it

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And its a limited edition run so there arent that many around. I think the made 250 of it





on another note.... you do know that the title of the thread is "So I traded my Cirrus of a.....WARWACK"....right?:thu:

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