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Thunderbird Goth pickup


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I've got an Epiphone Goth Tunderbird wich is gonna get some modifications.

I usually plays en Epiphone Eb and uses the mini humbuker (bridge) for overdrive bass-sound and it sounds just the way i want it.

The thunderbird dident sound as good at all with the same setup (using the bridge pickup offcourse). Way to "blurry" and lo-frequent.

Therefore i changed to a Cimar P-bass single coil I stole from an old crapy bass i've had laying around.

This sounded a lot closer to what i wanted but the feedback is completly horrible. It feeds even a little while i'm playing (cheep pickup afterall).

It diden't feed so bad in the Cimar so i guess it's somthing with the sustain in the extremly light maghogny wood in the goth thunderbird.


I'm gonna buy a proper pickup. What should i go for?


I want to pick some from this webshop for practical reasons


(Living in Norway, like I do, mean you get less stuff avilable for more money)


Will all singe coils feed in this bass bacouse of the sustain or did I just get a cheap {censored} pickup from the Cimar. They got som nice single coils on that site but they all seem to be high-gain modern pickups (recomended by seymour duncan for metal and such) or Jazz-bass picups (wich realy don't fit the bass because of they're size)

Then the've got the H

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Blury distortion? What amp are you using? As far as pickups go I'd stay with a dual coil humbucker Ive never had that problem with my TBIRD.



I'm using a guitar stack and its perfect with a standard EB-3 Minihumbucker.

the T-Bird sounds different in some way.

my overdrive sound is in the Motorhead direction. Actually you can here me playing here: http://www.myspace.com/helldormer "Backline Fever" opens with a bassriff



Not sure, i thought those pickups were alright. I am borrowing the blackbird version of it, (nickki sixx) these pup's SUCK! I would change these out if I owned this bass. otherwise a pretty nice bass.



The TB pluss pickups are allright for normal bass sounds but i need someething more vintage and "lighter" in sound for overdrive to avoid that muddy stoner fuzz sound

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