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anybody here use auralia?(ear training software)


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JM5 : There are all kinds of goofy ways to train your ears for pitch....Find the pitch of things in your house that "make a sound" (like a refrigerator hum, telephone, anything.....) and guage the relationships of these tones... apply this line of thinking to things you hear in everyday life (car horn, cell beep, etc)


Use this logic when testing in your class: days (or even now) before a pitch test, find the pitch of something that 'hums' in the class ( like the air conditioner or a fluorescent light hum) and - providing that it does not fluctuate - use it as a reference


One of the BEST things you can do is SING the notes as you play them on piano or bass and ingrain those timbres in your brain.....listen to how the resonate in your head as you sing them

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