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48 hours!!!!


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Great job on no smoking thus far, keep it up:thu:! OK, on the booze cabinet, get outta there Chicka:evil:! Better yet, restock it with no calorie teas, and coffees. Put in some nice cups to drink out of. I say this to not rain on the party... have had my share of party girl days, but it's just a bunch of empty calories to excess. Guys can get away with it more. For ladies, particularly post kids when Mother Nature starts messing with your skinny girl hormones, it's so easy to have those empty calories add up. Then you're gonna be all sad cuz that pretty black New Year's dress won't zip up the same:cry:. Want $ for your jazz bass? Add the cost of savings of the cigs PLUS the difference between excess booze vs my cheap tea/coffee idea... ummm, that's a lot of bass $ GF. You can do it;).

I hear you! :) These are left over coolers and beers (bud light) that I have. Yeah, I am supposed to be on a diet and don't do this often. When I go out, the guys supply the sauce. But it is rare for me nowadays.

Yeah this hormone stuff already started to hit...premeno...{censored} sucks!

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