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OT: Nasty plane crash between me and Undead Scyip!!!!


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And we had nothing to do with it!!!



Plane crash in Corona, CA kills 5!


CORONA, Calif. -- Four people were killed Sunday when two planes collided about a mile from AJO-Corona Municipal Airport, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.


Two people died in the collision and two people on the ground also were killed, said FAA spokesman Allen Kenitzer, who emphasized the information was preliminary.


"We're told there were two fatalities from the collision, as well as two fatalities on the ground," Kenitzer said. "One, we're told, was in a car and one was walking."

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Kenitzer said he is based in Seattle, and the information he reported came from FAA Operations personnel based in Los Angeles.


The crash was reported about 3:35 p.m. near Auto Center Drive and Wardlow Road, which parallels the Riverside (91) Freeway about a mile southwest of the airport, according to local media reports.


Virgil Rodriguez, a manager at the nearby Corona Nissan, told local media that sales staff and customers were outside when they heard an explosion and saw debris come raining down.


"It was like an explosion in the air and we seen debris flying all over the place," he said. "We all ran inside, everybody just ran for cover because everything was flying everywhere. I believe a body landed on top of a car, one in the middle of the street and the plane landed in the back of our building and crushed a couple of cars."


"At first we thought it was only one [plane], but we after everything came down, there was one in the back of our building and one in the middle of the street," Rodriguez said, adding that the planes appeared to be Cessnas.


Rodriguez said bodies landed all over the dealership.


"We got four bodies on our property -- two in the plane, one in the driveway and one on the car," he told local media.


The Corona airport is for general aviation and does not have a control tower, local media reported. The airport remained opened, according to local media.


I said 5 because the death toll had increased by one when I came to bed.

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