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Convection ovens?


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Convection ovens are most useful if you bake bread/cookies/cakes/etc. They spread the heat evenly throughout the oven. It helps prevent the phenomenon of some cookies getting burnt... while others are still raw dough.


Of course, ovens nowadays are a lot better at keeping the temperature consistent - which helps a lot by itself.


I cook a lot... bake a little. I bought a nice conventional oven (gas) and never had a problem.


IMO, convection ovens had their place in homes back when oven temps would fluctuate up to 50 degrees either way (and when people actually had home-cooked meals). They also have their place in the kitchens of suburban housewives that don't know how to cook... just need to "one-up" their neighbors.


For 99 out of 100 households... I don't think they're needed.


my .02

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