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Anyone here use tapewound strings on a fretted bass?

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Greetings from the North,


I use La Bella tapewounds on a Reverend Brad Houser 5. For what I do I like them a lot. I like the sound, the smooth feel, and the fact that you don't have to change them out all the time like round wounds.


I regret that my keyboard skills are still some what limited but if you Google up Bezhig.com and then go to the music section. Select the 'Change Your Ways" album. Listen to 'Change Your Ways' + 'Bunker' + 'So Many Know' and that should give you an idea of what they can sound like on a fretted bass.


Happy Times,


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Go to Bass Player Magazine's TV website. Bobby Vega is on it playing some Larry Graham excerpts with tapes on his Jazz. A wild looking Jazz, at that.




Go to Artists, then scroll down to Bobby Vega.


I have some LaBella tapes right now on my Yamaha BB414. They are really cool. Usually I think it's a steel string used, so you get some brightness, without any string noise. Unique sound. On the Yamaha, it's amazingly focused.


I needed to raise the action and relief a bit; otherwise there was a lot of clanking on the frets, something you don't get with flats.

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Yeah, I watched the Bobby Vega videos earlier. :cool:


I just wanted to hear some recorded sounds to get a better feel for it. :)

I'm going to get the bass setup properly from the outset, so there should be no issues with buzzing when I get it back from the tech.

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If you do use them on a fretted bass, how do you like them, what strings are they and what bass is it. What is the sound like?

Final question, could you upload a clip of your bass with the tapewounds??



I do.



It has a mellower sound than your typical Ric. I like them, though not for everything.

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