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Some funky live stuff.


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That top post there has a link to an mp3 of a live version of the Headhunters' "Chameleon," from the album Flood. I recommend it, it's super funky the whole way through without being too similar to the original version. Herbie gets pretty far out there during his solo thingy, but the rhythm section keeps the groove going.


Also, you should check out the rest of the site, they post a lot of hard to find or out of print avant-garde jazz type music. I think the mp3s are scheduled to show up every Monday and Wednesday (maybe Thursday, I forget). They only keep the links active for a couple weeks, so if you're into that kinda thing you gotta check it out regularly.


Hope somebody gets a kick outta Herbie and whatever else can be found on the site.


Note: the cd version of Flood seems to be floating around on amazon at reasonable prices, so I guess it's not technically rare or out of print, but it's still cool.

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