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stingray HH, second time around


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so, i previously posted a review of my new stingray and said how i thought it sounded great but lacked a real nice low end that i am used to....well....all the suggestions given to me were right and after two adjustments the bass sounds AMAZING in all aspects....


1. replaced the battery that came with it

2. put on my OLD set of flats


many suggested to add my 212 to the 410 i already use but that wasent necessary and the sound is fantastic now...i save that for live situations on a big stage, my practice room is just too small for that stack.


anyways, the HH sounds amazing and i found my go to spots....soloed bridge pickup, having both humbuckers on, and the jbass setting (using two single coils from each humbucker....(setting 2 on the diagram)


very happy with this bass

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