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We opened a music cafe with bands and food!

D Aussie

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A week ago we opened a music cafe.

Its a multi task sorta place for all ages. Bands, Music, Food, pool, pinball and Drinks.


Sells CDs, vinyl, tee shirts, and stuff as well as coffee, cakes and hot food.

Now we are adding 2nd hand books and wimmins clothes.

Thought we would like to see a place that kids between the age of sorta 12 and over would like to hang out that isn't Starbucks or Gloria Jeans.


Here is what it looks like...

I had better get some better photos later, I reckon.


You cant see it, but Im standing on the stage.

We have performances of local musicians booked every saturday arvo for 2 hours, and this past Saturday it was a blinder!


I wont tell anyone where it is, so this cant be construed as spam, but Im pretty damn happy with the way things are going.:thu:


Do you guys have places where you live that are like this?

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