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Need Help With EMG Install

Johnny Two Tone

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Hello, all. I have a Schecter Stiletto Studio-4 and plan on replacing the passive EMG-HZ pups with active EMG pups. I plan to get an EMG 35P4 for the bridge position and an EMG 35J for the neck.


What I need to know is how do actives interact with the pre-amp that's already in the bass. I know that the volume and blend pots will have to be changed to accommodate the pot ratings of active vs. passives but does the active 3-band pre-amp w/ knobs require changing or would it end up being a straight forward swap?


And secondly, with a pre-amp already requiring two batteries how many batteries will I end up with total with two new active pups? Does everything run off two, or four, or what? I know my two active EMGs on my guitar only needed one battery for both (I used the 18v mod anyway) so would two batteries for the pups and two batteries for the pre-amp be the right way to go?



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