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I got screwed by Dunlop.....(In a good way)


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In the past 2 months I bought two T40's, one so pristine I have yet to take a picture of. I tuned that one to standard and put on some D' Addario flats and the other with nickel rounds tuned to DADG. A about 2 weeks ago, I bought a new strap for the twins and 2 sets of Dunlops to switch off and on.


I ignored the instructions and just removed the old pin strap screws and pins, put back in the old screw till flush with the body and repeated with the new Dunlop screws. I guess though that somewhere in this process, I messed up because I can't get 1 pin to be flush towards the headstock.


Instead of going to 5 different hardware stores to find the right screw for the pins, I just emailed customer service the same day and told them I screwed up and asked politely if they could send me a replacement. Less than 24 hours later, a reply was sent telling me that they would send some replacement screws, n/c.


They just came today. Yeah, I know they're only screws but the shipping was a few bucks + labor and parts well it adds up after a while. I'm very happy that they were so cool about it.


just my .02.....

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