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oh mercy...half of Merle's dream cab


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!!! SUPER WOOFER BASS ( BAG END ) 4 X 18" IN. !!! - $1200

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Date: 2008-02-07, 8:48PM EST

!!! HUGE PROFESSIONAL SUPER WOOFER BASS ( 4 )18" inches woofers bass in a beutifull black gabinet case.

model = quartz-1

power capacity = 1600 watts (rms ) ( USED, BUT LIKE NEW )





what this cab must sound like.

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Their bassault is a 4x21 - both cabs rock. These run on the processors that up the low end so you get a balanced response curve (more or less) to at least 16 Hz.


Wish I had the cabbage - it's my intention to have a pair of their 21" infra subs in lieu of something like this. A smallish 2x10 or 2x12 as a full range for the top and I'd be done.


Useless to most - this and the other infra stuff serves those determined to get flat response below B in most practical ways.

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