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OT: I forgot to tell you all about this one!!!


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Can you believe the big, brass Cojones on some people?????


So this guy calls my store. He has a 42 inch Vizio TV that apparently quit working during the Super Bowl. He has called several stores looking for a new one, and we are the only one that has them.


He brings the "dead" TV in, I cheerfully replace the TV. While we're doing the transaction, he asks "You're the manager, right?"


I say "No, but we don't need a manager. Did you have another question?"


"I would like to speak to someone who can help with the decision"

" What decision?"


"Well, I think I should be compensated for my inconvenience!"




I call a manager, and between us, we inform him that the return policy says if you got a broken TV, we can give you a full refund, or replace the TV, but are under no obligation to do both.


The nerve of some people!!!


I handled it in my usual, professional manner, but jeez!!! How stoopid do folks think we are???


I was born at night, but it wasn't LAST night!!!!


People pull stunts like this at stores, they steal us blind, and then wonder why the prices keep going up, and the return policies get rougher........

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