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What future plans for your Rig do you have?


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Redhead and a Son of Bertha would probably get me by forever. Yeah... one day.



i like the Redheads alot too.... if i ever need a great combo, that will probably be my choice.... not the Super Redheads, though!...... theyre stupidly expensive, though.... my store is selling an ACTUAL Redhead.. but the price theyre asking for it is absurd...

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I like a full stack, 4x10 and 1x15. I also like separate amps for each.

Right now I have a Peavey 4x10 + horn powered by a 200w Hartke HA2000. I like that, and see little need to change it. It's plenty loud and it's well balanced. That's the bottom of the stack.

At the top of the stack I have a Crate BX100, a 100w amp/15" speaker combo. It sounds quite good and has good tonal flexibility, as well as a post-eq direct out. But at louder volumes, its headroom vanishes and the speaker out tends to get a tad mushy. So I'd eventually like to replace it with a much better 15" cab and a much more powerful amp w/ direct out. And of course put the 15" on the floor where it belongs and raise up the 4x10.

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Future plans?


All of my amps are fully restored/modded/tweaked and I don't need any more. (need != want)

My three cabinets are currently ideal for my purposes, though I will continue to experiment with new designs as new drivers are available.

There are minor tweaks to some of my instruments that will be made in the coming months now that I have stopped taking in more work from other people. Small things like finalizing string sets and making appropriate nuts, small finish work, etc. Otherwise my bass collection will be temporarily static. There are two basses that will eventually make it to me (EBMM Stingray and ERB), but now is not the time.


In the very short term, I will build a buffer/hpf for the front end of my signal chain. That will complete my work on my signal chain until my needs change.


Other fun projects for myself:

I will build powered boards for various pedal sets.

I will build my clone of the Acoustic 360.

I will modify my existing stand or build a new one.


Other fun projects for others:

Peavenbacker bass for mlwarriner

James Hart's amp

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