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rondo ordering debockle! bro. had a few problems... first timer...


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i talked him into a sx bass. he went to the site and ordered a flight case and a fretless bass. well last week when he ordered he tried to email them to see if his money order has landed,sent kurt a money order and everything was ok. now he received his order today, which was supposed to be the 62-jazz fretless sx and a flight case. well the bass was the wrong one,it has frets!! now the case is totalley bad-ass! also the bass in the case weighs 34lbs. well he is gonna try again to swap the bass fer the fretless. this is his 2nd sx as 3 weeks or so ago he bought a used like new sx fretless off a guy here in toledo. he really,really loves the sx stuff! my brother has been playing bass since he was 12 yrs old,he is 40 yrs old now and he took a vacation to tennessee a few years ago, and while eating dinner with his lady friend at dollywood, the band or the act for the evening was to be on stage playing said is there a bass player in da house as ours didnt show. well he raised his hand and the rest of the evening he spent up on stage playing . i guess every bass player deserves a little limelight!! lump..

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