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To sell or not to sell, that is the question.

ImADumbAss Mozart

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I thought that too, but maybe Canadians have a different way of doing things.


I was making a joke about the fact that he changes his mind about selling things after committing to a deal. But I reread it and it sounded slightly offensive how it was worded, and not meant that way. So I popped in to do a slightly more friendly twist on it, but didn't read it enough to see how it could just be taken literally and make sense.:facepalm:


If you take off the last 5 words I think it conveys what I was trying to get across a little better.

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I grew up listening to things like, "But you promised ....!"

As an adult, that {censored} don't work.

"But you promised to review and adjust my salary after 6 months!"

"But you promised me that we'd get married."

"But you promised you'd drive me to the mall"

That stuff works on the Andy Griffith Show.



Awesome post.

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