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I've had it a couple of weeks, but hadn't really posted about it - I bought a used Soundcraft fx-16 mixer, to upgrade from the Mackie 808s I've been using... The Mackie worked well enough, but didn't have enough channels, and only allowed one monitor mix - the Soundcraft is much more capable... I also picked up an Anvil case for it, and a DBX 266 compressor to add to the three DBX 215 EQs in my effects rack...


I got a pretty good deal on an SKB Roto-X 4 slot rack case, and was going to use it for the EQs and compressor, but decided to try it out for my bass rig - and loaded a T-Max, XDR-95 wireless receiver, and a Korg DTR-2000 tuner in it... Those were in an SKB ATA 4 slot case, which now holds the 3 EQs and compressor - and that case stacks up better with the 12 slot ATA case I've got my amps and X-over in...


I paid $390 for the Soundcraft board, with another $50 tacked on for a 2 year warranty - since those boards typically go for around 5 bills, I didn't think I did too badly on it...The Anvil case cost me $80, the Roto-X cost $70, and the 266 compressor cost me $40 - the total was a bit of a shopping spree, but well worth it, considering the difference in my PA now...





- georgestrings

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