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Pickup saga is finally over.


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Well I think I have finally solved my Warmoth Z bass bridge pickup issue for good, with a lot of help from the guys at Nordstrand. I had an issue with the first custom stacked J pickup they sent, where it was shorting to ground if the cover was pressing on it in just the right way. That threw off the Audere preamp. Nordstrand just recently built a new pickup and sent it to me, without any charge, and I got it installed. They also agreed to let me ship them the entire bass to look over and get really sorted out, which I really do appreciate. Anyway, it still didn't work since there was another short. The short version of all this is the bass had a dual problem, both intermittent. That is what made the thing so impossible to figure out and solve, each issue would flare up at different times with identical symptoms! I traced the entire wiring, and found that there was an intermittent short in one of the mini toggle switch housings. The ground was getting through to the pickup common through the switch, and that takes out the Audere. So now that I have the switch isolated, and the new pickup installed it is working perfectly! Woo Hoo! I would have never believed how tough of a time I was going to have with this project, or that I would have to spend so much time wiring, rewiring, putting pickups in, pulling them out, strings on, strings off etc. I can say that I am kind of happy that I am able to actually do those things now though, and can think through and figuring out these kind of issues. Regardless, Nordstrand rules, the bass sounds good, and I can finally sit back and enjoy the bass. Well, that is after I glue the nut back on. Seems I wore it out with all the restringing!



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