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King's X last night!


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Triple bill last night: Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp, King's X, and Extreme. Some interesting talent for the Fantasy Camp; the "counselors" included Gilby Clarke, Chris Slade, Kip Winger, Glenn Hughes, Mark Slaughter, Elliot Easton, Earl Slick, and Dave Ellefson (random, eh?). The people who shelled out some ungodly amount of money to attend were of varying degrees of talent, but there was at least one band there that brought the rock. Some good band names, too, like "Punk-Ass Mother{censored}er", and "I'm Yoko, Bitch".


KX did just over an hour with a good mix of new and old. The new songs off XV were tight and energetic, including "Rocket Ship", "Move", "Pray", "Alright", and "Go Tell Somebody". Older tunes included "Groove Machine", "Looking for Love", "Dogman", and, of course, "We Were Born to Be Loved".


Ty is running a stack of Egnater cabs, and playing a custom Yamaha with "XV" engraved pickup covers (a nice touch). He was a bit more laid back this show, but when he cut loose it was classic Tabor. He also mentioned after the show that he had used his original Fender Strat Elite for a few songs on the new album, but it didn't make an appearance (I think that one's too valuable to bring out on tour anymore, not to mention too heavy).


dUg's added a few Egnater preamps to his rack setup; all of his preamps appear to be run into a 16-channel mixer on top of his rack, which he uses to control the overall tone. The SVP Pros are still there, as well as the multiple EQ setup, but I didn't see the Traynor or the GT Tube Emulator, so they may be gone. His 4-banger this tour is a Dean Hardtail with "dUg" inlays on frets 11-13, p-pickup, and single volume control. His 12 is the Yamaha, which he pulled out for "Pray" - I didn't know that was what he was playing on that song for the CD, but it sounded killer. No 5ver on this tour.


They were the only opening act I've ever seen do an encore...the fact that it was "King" just made it better. I had heard that they had ditched all songs with religious overtones, but maybe they'll be bringing them back.


I asked them after the show if they'd be coming back in the fall...nobody was sure, but based on crowd response I think it's a sure bet.




Now, go ahead: ask me how Extreme was.

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