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Pimp my Jazz bass..............


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Even though it's a classic combo, black jazz basses with white pickguards are boring - so I got 2 different alternate pickguards to try out.


I know which way I'm leaning, but I am kind of curious what everyone else thinks (Yeah, yeah, I know - tone is in the plastic accessories...........)


First, gold snakeskin.......that's right, snakeskin (kinda makes the 'pimp' thing in the thread title literal, huh):





And then, classic red tortoise (well, classic to me, anyway):






Not the greatest photography, but you get the general concept. So what say you, HCBF?

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It needs brown tort and you need to clean the {censored}in' thing!


Boy, don't I know it.......and I forgot a damn screw, too!


Leaving the tort for now, thought it's weird how 'washed out' the snakeskin one looks in that picture. Taken off the bass (and sitting here in front of me right now, it's very, very 'gold' looking - and my camera just can't capture it. This is as close as I can get:




And yes, I'll clean the {censored}ing thing......................:cop:

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