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here is my messed up story of this week. Tivo fate or a sign..??? u choose.


my wife and i never watch our local news(ABC). i was looking at my TIVO menu tuesday night and noticed that the new season of WipeOut (ABC) was recorded. so we proceeded to watch and before it started the recording caught a short breaking crimestoppers news clip. it was of a guy robbing a local grocery store in a much larger town thirty minutes away from here. (of which happened the day before and we wouldn't never know if we wouldn't of seen it on TV.) turns out, i reconized the dude its my employee!!!! he was off that day and called in sick the next morning very early with a headache. which he never does.

i waited to till 10 PM to watch the full news and see the whole clip before i acted. but It was him. all he was wearing was a hat and he looked right at the damn camera. i talked it over with my wife and called the 5 O. :cop: i went to our local PD and id his picture. :cop: they took off and arrested him at 12AM. :cop: he pled guilty to it all and gave up his PLASTIC GUN he used to hold up the clerk. :facepalm:

Turns out hes had previous felonys. which i had no idea of.. if he woulda waited 3 more months he woulda been off his 10 year paroll. now hes looking at 5 to 10 years for armed robbery!!!! all he got from the store was $120.....:rolleyes:

its a very bitter sweet for me now.. i did the right thing by calling in. i can't have someone work for me that i can't trust and one that has no morals. but i liked him.. he was a good guy and a hard worker. and i busted him.


so now im short an employee. but on the good side in a couple weeks when he gets convicted i will get a reward for $500 from crimestoppers. WOOT:eek::cool:

this is all crazy drama that i have never had to deal with.

if i had not of Tivo the show then i woulda never seen the video.. maybe no one woulda called in and he might of got off. (if he woulda wore a ski mask he would never been caught!!!!) im just still baffled that he would do that {censored}. crazy fate or a sign/test from GOD?

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