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interesting gig last saturday


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Played in a bar at a small college town, small stage area limited by 2 doors. During the 3rd song of the first set an older dude (57, it was his birthday), got into it with one of the college folks. (98% of the crowd) The guitar player broke a string as he was pushing the melee away from the gear. We continued playing during the tiff, and I am very happy that I was looking elsewhere at the moment his shorts (the old dude) somehow got dropped. (he apparently does not like wearing skivvies) Lots of hotties wearing very nice clothes, lots of dancing and a great time for the most part. We had a few issues with one of the singers and I am not real sure how that situation will work out, it wasn't too pretty during load-out. One of the guys at the show took an interest in my drummers girl-friend, he got a nice hand-full of ass, she pushed him away, and he came back. Fortunately he was receptive to a bit of persuasion provided by a Fender J-bass head and neck. All in all a fun night, slept in an RV and went to breakfast in the morning.

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