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TB is a jerk.


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Man, we just had a tuberculosis scare at work. Infectious diseases are always a problem in prisons, and ours is certainly no exception. We have to get mantoux tests every year as well as vaccinated for Hepatitis A & B. Unfortunately there's no vaccine yet for Hepatitis C, because lots of guys inside have it. There's also a lot of staff infections that occur, as well as some guys with AIDS. There's a guy in my block that is getting out next month, after having served 8 years. He's close to 40, so when he did his crimes he was around 30. He had sex with a 13-year-old and a 14-year-old. He didn't tell them he was HIV positive. He gave the first girl genital warts (not sure if she got infected with HIV). He got the second girl pregnant, and gave her HIV. To top it all off, he's an arrogant prick. I hope the minute he gets out of prison he gets hit by a bus.


Okay, back to my original topic. One of our employees came down with Tuberculosis, most likely contracted at the prison. He/She (don't know who it is) is in the latent stage, so it's not very contagious. TB sucks.

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