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102.5 F. Am I gonna die?


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Fever is such a non-specific finding, it's hard to say what to do. Remember that fever is to a degree (pun) a good thing, in that it inhibits bacterial and viral function. Antipyretics (Tylenol, Motrin, even Aspirin for adults) will drop the fever and may help you feel better. Persistent fever, high fever, and fevers unresponsive to antipyretics are all reasons to seek medical care. Of course, other findings like stiff neck, decreased awareness, difficulty breathing, productive cough, prolonged diarrhea, burning on urination, or open sores, to mention a few, are other reasons. On the other hand, if you have a moderate fever and feel like someone beat you up (sore all over), that usually is viral. But there are no absolutes -- not every disease case reads the books...

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