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OT: Da Bears (did I miss a thread?)


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We're all still in shock too much to start a thread. It was a great to win, but beating a gimpy Manning with some back up O-line isn't enough to make me drink the cool-aid. Hopefully it will give them some momentum.

Yep. We'll see how the defense plays next game. I'm shocked they played this well. What the offense did is what I expected, although I would like to see more of Garrett Wolfe going from the backfield as a receiver.

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Shocked also. Woke up this morning and thought it was a dream. I never imagined they would have walked all over them.


I felt the same way when the Broncos beat the Patriots in the playoffs in 2005.


Of course, I watched the game in Cabo San Lucas, so I wasn't shocked when I woke up, I was still drunk.:D


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