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The Tubular Bells / Mike Oldfield appreciation thread


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I've been annoying a friend at work today by going on and on and on about how much I like the album Tubular Bells. On and on and on. Until finally he won't listen to me any more...


Did I ever mention how much I like the album Tubular Bells?

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i am familiar with the percussion instrument tubular bells but, what is this album tubular bells?


It's only like maybe the greatest album evah. :thu:


Here's a better description than I can give

wikipedia - Tubular Bells


The first few minutes was used as the theme for The Exorcist. I listened to the album about a bazillion times before I ever saw the movie, so I don't make the connection that much.


It's got 2 parts. Side 1 and Side 2.


Mike Oldfield plays most of the instruments (not that common back then).


It was the first release for Virgin Records.


It was pressed along with classical music records because they had better quality vinyl.

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