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C tuning on a shortscale


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I have been playing guitar for two years and I would like to get a bass. There is this '70 Fender Musicmaster I have my eye on. I really like the looks and I'm a bit of a sucker for 70's stuff. It's a 30" short scale bass.


I just have a question about the string gauge on a short scale bass. I would like to use a C tuning (C-F-Bb-Eb) because I'm a big fan of Kyuss. What string gauge should I use for this?

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So the strings will too slack to play when playing in C?

The heaviest short scale strings I've been able to find so far are 050/107. That's not going to cut it either?


Try before you buy. I wouldn't even go to drop-D on a shortscale. *Every* shortscale I've played was borderline floppy for the E.


Part of playing bass is dealing with the scale length....make the commitment...:thu:

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