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Help me choose my next bass


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I'm looking to get my ultimate bass, which will be a P bass of sorts. I haven't completely decided whether or not it will be a P bass or a PJ, although for fingerstyle I do have problems with one P pickup, simply because I like to play by the bridge. I'm leaning towards a PJ but who knows.


After doing some research here are my choices as I see them right now:


Lakland Bob Glaub. My only gripe with them is that they would charge 600.00 to put a J in the bridge position, which I think is really high. That would put one of their basses in the 3K range. Resale is good.


G&L SB2- My only gripe with this is that i'd still have to have someone put in a tone knob. I also haven't played a new SB2 to know whether or not I like the neck. Resale sucks unless I buy used.


Nino Valenti- I got a quote and it's more than reasonable, but I've never played one of his necks to know whether or not I'd like them. I know he has a return policy but I don't like wasting anyone's time or my money. Excellent reputation for quality and resale is good on Talkbass, but probably not so good anywhere else.


Fender Custom shop P bass with a J neck- I'm a Fender guy, what can I say? Their prices are in line with everyone else's, they have excellent resale, moreso than any of the other list-ees (I think). I haven't met a Fender J neck I didn't like. I haven't met a Fender bass I didn't like, tone-wise.


I thought about Mike Lull but I couldn't stand the Lull that I had..it felt like {censored}. Played good, sounded decent but felt like ass. Heavy as hell as well.


I also thought about Sadowsky but he's out of my price range and I have no interest in a Metro.


I'm going to be taking another look at the Highway one P bass at a local shop to see how I feel about it as well but in the mean time, does anyone have any other suggestions?

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What gave him away? The idea that resale value is a primary factor in choosing his ultimate bass?



Where did I say it was a primary factor huh, smartarse:cop:. With my history though it's hard not to take it into account though. I honestly plan on this being a keeper as I have a much better grasp on what I like nowadays.

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