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Parts of houston starting to get power back on. OT


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My neighborhood somehow got lucky and got power back late today. Many still without. Grocery stores course gotta restock all perishables. Many gorcers still without power. Was able to use my xm satalite radio and battery power for one of my zoom processors for bass and microkorg synth for entertainment while power was off. Few gasoline stations opening back up.


Dunno yet how well area music instrument places faired. Damage in my hood varied from practically none to massive. While my condo bldg didnt get any but little bit of siding ripped, some building had balconies tore off and part of front of one bldg collapsed inward. Luckily no residences in it. So far death count has been very low.


Dunno how long till nightlife is semi back to normal for nightclubs and such.


So far, recovery is going well except for galveston and few places like it.


Most amazing thing to me and some of others talked to so far here in houston was the sky displays of bright meduim blue to bluish green globs of sky lighting up and flashing right around the time hurricane made shore in galveston. Would have been downright pretty under nicer circumstances. Lol.


Lots still without power, some still without water. Overall folks have pulled together well to help each other. Injury and death count very low so far. Feema is getting in gear. Even paying direct to hotels and other temp residences for lotsa folks who couldnt stay in their or relatives/neighbors home. Hopes those with lotsa property damage etc get help quick and grocers and gas stations are back fully operational soon.


Glad had some battery able music gear to for time was without power.

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Hi Darkstorm, glad you did ok under the circumstances.

I'm about 90 miles west of you(called for a direct hit a day or two before it shifted to ya'll).

My bandmates all have power back(Sugarland, Dairy Ashford/I-10 area, and in the northwest part of town) with the latest being today.


I do know the Nightwish show is a no-go(The Meridian) as I had tickets with my 18 yr. old son(bassist and more interested in NW's keyboardist work). Their bassist(Marco http://www.nightwish.com/en/band/members/facts?id=2 ) gets a REALLY great sound recorded and live(Examples:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoSIuaczGN0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5SUSmedMm8 ).

Not what I play out but good symphonic metal with female vocals usually sits well with me.

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