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Bassics magazine: Belly-up?


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I paid for a subscription to mags and CD's from Bassics like 2 years ago. Haven't had a copy in a year or more. Paid for a 2-year subscription, got like 3 issues over 1 year, then nothing. It's supposed to be bi-monthly. Supposedly they were moving. Well, they've been moved for ages. I've sent emails, and hear back that they had a few problems getting settled, but a new issue will be out soon. Yeah, right.



In April they answered:We're running a little behind while we complete a change in the structure of our ownership and anticipate shipping the next issue in approx. 6 weeks. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we complete this process and look forward to your enjoyment of the upcoming issue. Thanks, Ron

6 Weeks?


I liked what they did. The magazine-CD dual package had a lot of features I really liked, as well as being a great music sampler source. But apparently they went defunct or such, 'cuz they sure aren't producing squat now!

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