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Warwick Bass problems


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Hello Everyone,

New to the bass forum. Been really groovin' on the Live Production forum. I realized yesterday I had a Bass problem when the exact same mud was coming out of my bass rig and my PA mains. To this day, I thought that my mains had blown again. Not the deal. It's a problem with my WW. Does any other Warwick user have the same problem. I don't think it's the battery. It sounds more mechanical than that. It's either the way the bass is setup or there is some kind of buzzing in the hardware. There is a thud when I attack the B string. Even if I attack it at a low level, I still get this obnoxious thud and ring on E and A strings that chime out an underlying overtone like a blown horn effect. Have you ever noticed that they don't give away basses in raffles? It's always a 6 string guitar. :confused: Why is that? Thanks

DBR:poke: :facepalm:

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