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Hartke or what other cabs


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so now that i've sold all my gear except my G&L 4 and gone back to playing guitar......I have the sneaking suspicion that i may be asked to play bass in the coming months for a rapidly growing regional band.


so i'm gonna put a bass rig together 1) to have onhand for the hell of it

2) just incase i get the offer.


whatever i get needs to be able to take a serious pounding.


just had a mesa powerhouse 1000 cab and owned tons of ampeg 8x10's undecided on 10's or 15's or mixing.

was thinking GK RB 1001II with a sansamp or just a QSC or Crown with a Sansamp for power.



who makes a good 2x15 besides mesa that doesnt cost a mint? (need 2)

which hartke cabs are the "good" ones ?

who makes a good 6x10 besides ampeg?

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If you go with Hartke, go with the XL series. Stay away from the Transporter or VX series. Haven't heard much about their new hybrid style cabs.




cool, thanks. i remember the transporter series being the {censored} ones. what are the ones with the gold speaker webs? thats what the current bassist uses.

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