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This is the majority of my stuff. Left to right (rear): Lakland 44-02, Waterstone TP-8, Waterstone TP-12, Warmoth with Fender HM bass neck and barts, (front row) first Tele project, Michael Kelly acoustic electric, Simon and Patrick w/ bridge piezo.

The noise makers are at the practice place: Hartke 3500 head (old) Peavy 1x15 Black Widow, 50 watt Vox guitar amp (I run 2 amps all the time)

I also have an orange 82 P and an Ibanez Artcore hollow body that are on loan to my nephews.


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are you going to sell out that one?

Nope, I like it a lot, especially with the work I put into the frets. It's heavier than {censored}all, it sounds nice though. I'm going to throw on some ultralight tuners and a varitone control plate and get a better strap in order to play the damn thing:D


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