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Aloha, I know this has been done before, but hey I got a new bass the other day. I got one of the new 08 USA Fender Standard Jazz Bass. Along with it i picked up a Working Pro 1x15. The :the other jazz on the right is a fretless. The SWR 300 head and 4x10 bottom is pre-Fender.

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Bassgirl, when did you get the Rick? Looks purdy.

We have the same carpet! Ha ha.


Whew, the ric? It's my oldest piece. I was working in a guitarshop with Mike and this guy comes in with a guitar case that stank to all high hell in a garbage bag.

"my Basement flooded, (sewer) I need a replacement value for this so I can send it to my insurance"


we look it up.


"It's worth about 1600, sir"


"Great, throw this out for me will you?" and then he hands the guitar over to Mike, (my husband) he goes to the washroom, washes his hands, leaves and is never seen from again.


Guitar goes into yet another garbage bag. Case gets thrown in the garbage, guitar gets thrown in my trunk. A full strip of the guitar with chemical peel later, a bit of rustease on the hardware and I have my first 6 string. :D

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