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Cheap Head/Cab for Jazz gigs.


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I'm looking for a very sterile, clean bass amp to play some small jazz gigs. Any ideas? I've got $650. There will be no backline or PA, and will be playing with Sax, woodwinds, drums, elec guitar.


THanks for responses.

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I wouldnt want to waste money, but try before buy isn't necessary

But I can try the GKs.

I actually really like the GK Sound.

and i also think a merge would be nice. It would mean that it would be slightly less annoying.

edit: found this.

looks good.

A Peavey Tour 450 would be a nice pair with this.



shipping is $231 dollars:poke:


this cab

this head


it aint gonna be pretty but it'll be loud and get the job done and allow for further additions when you get some more money

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