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OT: Spore and other video game geek talk


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I got out of video games for the most part a number of years ago, but still pick up the PS2 controller every so often. I've been playing the heck out of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed lately. :thu:


I was hanging out with my roommate last night and he got me hooked on this little game called Spore (for PC). Man what a fun, addicitive game. It won't run on my PC, it needs a better graphics card, but is just not worth upgrading. Now I want to buy a better PC just so I can play this game on my own machine. :mad:






Anyone else tried this game? It's a blast.


He also just started a demo of World Of Goo and it's pretty fun too. He may pick the full version soon, I'll give it a try if he does, I only watched him play it so far.

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